Mechanical Engineer
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Posted on Jul 30

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Location: Atlanta, GA
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4164768

Job Description:
The Mechanical Design Engineer interprets and improves basic design concepts of a project, and provides the mechanical design that will accomplish that which is required by the customer for assigned projects of corporation. The Mechanical Design Engineer has the basic responsibility to interpret the developed job concepts, prepare and have approved various drawings that will allow the product to be fabricated, assembled, installed, and cause the machine to function as intended and required by the customer's order. 
  • Work with the Project Manager in developing technical concepts for systems that the company sells by responding to the needs of Corporation's customers.
  • Interpret basic design concepts by analyzing discussions held in review meetings, studying the job proposal and analyzing the customer's requirements.
  • Takes appropriate action to educate himself/herself regarding the functions to be performed by the new equipment order requirement.
  • Attend meetings, review project details and communicate with the Project Manager and others to determine how mechanical elements will integrate with other elements on the job. 
  • Maintain approved schedule on assigned projects. Investigate issues of concern, of unknown factors and potential problem areas.
  • Meet with and inform other employees of findings.
  • Create various drawings, such as station layouts, machine layouts, detail drawings, assembly drawings, etc.
  • Create and submit to the Project Manager for approval various layout drawings, detail manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings and final drawings as appropriate. 
  • Prepare and maintain the Bill of Materials for the job, or his/her assigned segment of the job. Detail how mechanical applications will integrate into the control system. 
  • Distribute drawings to the Project Manager for review and approval, who will then distribute the approved drawings to functional department supervisors as appropriate. 
  • Prepare and submit to the Project Manager a package of final drawing to be submitted to the customer on assigned projects.
  • Operate a CAD workstation. Running Solidworks.
  • Prepare Purchase Orders for various components and commercial items needed for the project, with approval of the Project Manager. 
  • Prepare a recommended Spare Parts List for assigned projects. 
  • Provide technical support to other departments as required.  Provide technical support to the Shop, Controls, Assembly and other personnel as needed for designed products. 
  • Make purchases as needed to meet the requirements of the job. 
  • Maintain confidentiality of company data entrusted to him/her. 
  • Inspect completed drawings to assure they meet company standards and the specific requirements of the job.
Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in computer aided design and engineering plus one year of mechanical design engineering experience focused on automated industrial machinery.
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